Santa Margherita

SANTAMARGHERITA® is a Verona based company that was founded in the mid 20th century. The Company’s strongpoints have been built on its long standing experience, constant research and innovation and focus on the development of the national and international markets, which have led the company to a leading position in the world in the sector of agglomerate stone. The Company premises occupy an area of 100,000 square meters, and their production plant is specialised in two distinct lines for marble agglomerates and quartz agglomerates, which distinguishes SANTAMARGHERITA® from its competitors in their drive to maintain this double soul, responding to any needs from large public constructions to private homes, from small surfaces to contract supplies. The Volargne Company is always attentive to new architectural and interior design trends, and produces and exports around 8,000 sq.m. surface of covering every day to more than 70 countries. They offer a wide range of elegant, simple lines of agglomerates, with neutral stylish colours, plus an innovative, exclusive range with distinctive colours and precious finishes. Constant research for new styles and innovative technical materials with a special design, and which respect the environment which has always been a focal point for all the business of SANTAMARGHERITA. To respond to the delicate question of environmental protection, the modern and innovative spirit of the company has led them to construct their own internal cutting edge Research and Development Laboratory. The laboratory controls all the raw materials and carries out the type tests as proscribed by current standards for agglomerates. With the co-funding from the VENETO REGION, the company has implemented their innovative project "Developing new quartz-resin agglomerates, that are reduced in thickness, highly flexible, opalescent and antistatic, ideal for indoor and outdoor use", addressed to studying new products with innovative physical properties. The commitment of SANTAMARGHERITA to research has also led to an important cooperation with the Department of Industrial Materials and Technology Engineering at Trento University, and they also sponsor the University Master in Planning with Stone, organised by Milan Polytechnic. From the company's care and attention paid to product quality and the environment, SANTAMARGHERITA has undertaken an ambitious project to produce agglomerates using 90% of recycled material. The project is SECOND.LIFE®, not just a brand and new product line, but first and foremost an ideal and a lifestyle. in line with the ongoing research, attention and awareness that SANTAMARGHERITA has always addressed to the environment, SECOND.LIFE aims at giving new life to materials that have been used In various forms in the past, to create high-tech design surfaces, with a very low environmental impact, confirming the company's desire to protect our planet. SANTAMARGHERITA provides professionals, enterprise and private clients a range of agglomerates that earn the LEED building system credits, contributing to obtaining sustainable construction certification in compliance with the GBC standards (Green Building Council Italia).